About the Chiricahua Regional Council

The Chiricahua Regional Council is a citizen’s watchdog group that monitors public agency actions and other issues affecting the Chiricahua, Peloncillo and Dragoon Mountains, and nearby areas of southeastern Arizona, southwestern New Mexico, and adjacent northern Mexico.

We protect valuable, intact habitats and champion the region’s natural and cultural integrity. Dark skies, open space, outstanding species diversity, corridors that link habitats, our ranching heritage––all of these values make our region what it is. Together, these treasures draw tens of thousands of visitors annually, all contributing to nature tourism, which underpins our regional economy.

The CRC promotes responsible land use and wise, science-informed stewardship of our unique natural heritage. Our broad constituency includes scientists, ranchers, birders, naturalists, astronomers, artists, residents, visitors, and many others, who value our region’s spectacular qualities.

A brief history of the origins of the CRC is available here. Our bylaws are available by request.

We cordially invite you to join our efforts.

CRC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization: your donations to our work are tax deductible.

Current Issues

Learn more about our current priority issues and how you can take action to protect the beautiful and sensitive areas in and around the Chiricahua mountains!

Stewardship Projects

The Stewardship Program at the Chiricahua Regional Council rests on the principle that people and non-profits collaborating together can have a positive impact on the land.

  • Portal-Rodeo Hiking Group Work Event
    With creeks flowing and the skies promising rain, the Portal-Rodeo Hiking Group elected to spend their monthly trail maintenance day working in the canyon…
  • Spring trailwork update
    It’s been a busy and productive Spring for trailwork in the Chiricahuas. The completion of the South Fork Trail project in mid-April was quickly…
  • Collaboration
    We value our collaboration with the Forest Service and are happy for the contributions our stewardship group has made this year with the work…
  • Progress on South Fork Trail
    A team of four volunteers led by John Sumner continued trail work in the Chiricahua Wilderness last week. The plan at this stage of…
Portal Peak after the rain © Narca Moore

Become a Member

A one-year Chiricahua Regional Council membership costs $25. When issues arise affecting the Chiricahua–Peloncillo–Dragoon region, we inform our membership of the problem and recommend actions to remedy the situation. These notices come at irregular (and, thankfully, infrequent) intervals––however, when action has been needed, our members have risen to the challenge and have been very effective at protecting the local biological and cultural values.

Our Board of Directors

  • Wynne Brown, President
  • Dirk Sigler, Vice President
  • Eskild Petersen, Treasurer
  • Michele Lanan, Secretary
  • Curt Bradley
  • Philip Hedrick
  • David Hodges
  • Noel Snyder
  • Helen Snyder

Our Advisory Council

  • Josiah Austin
  • Jim Downer
  • Paul Hirt
  • Narca Moore
  • Alice Wakefield
  • Richard Webster