25 – Book (2014)

(This is a part of a series of gleanings from the history of CRC’s 30 years of work; additional posts available here.)

In 2014, CRC participated as authors and artists in the creation of the award-winning book Cave Creek Canyon: Revealing the Heart of Arizona’s Chiricahua Mountains, which was co-edited by Wynne Brown, current CRC President, and Reed Peters. Wynne also designed the book and was the production and project manager. CRC was among the project’s financial backers.

The book won Publication of the Year from the Public Lands Alliance, in addition to Best Nonfiction Book from Arizona Authors Association, and other awards from Arizona Professional Writers and New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards.

A second edition, also published by ECO Wear & Publishing in Rodeo, was released in 2019 with updated information and an index.

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