Volunteer opportunities

A number of volunteer events are planned for September and October as we ramp up the effort to complete the South Fork Trail (SFT) and celebrate our public lands.

Beginning on the September 22, there will be several of us working to remove downed wood on the SFT’s first segment. When an assessment was done a week ago, we found 19 logs on the trail before reaching the apple tree. With enough participation, we could remove most if not all of these. There will be two experienced folks here from Tucson for the day. For those unfamiliar with the process of crosscut saw work, this is a good opportunity to learn first hand. Joining us will be Luke Goenig, the new volunteer coordinator for Wild Arizona. We’re looking forward to meeting and working with him.

September 24 is National Public Lands Day and the Coronado NF is hosting an event to enhance the new connector trail that gives access to the Cave Creek Nature Trail and the Silver Peak Trail from the VIC.

Wild Arizona is providing food for those contributing to this effort. Come meet Korrina Rantz from the Douglas Ranger District, do a little work, and enjoy some good food and socializing after.

On September 29 the Portal Rodeo Hiking Group will participate in a day of reducing the encroaching shrubbery on the SFT. We’ll meet at the Trail Head berm at 8:00am. Expect a day of lopping and small saw work. Tools will be provided.

As for all of the above events, bring gloves and eye protection and wear long sleeves, pants, and boots.

The Chiricahua Wilderness Trail Crew will be here and ready to backpack up the SFT on October 2 for 5 days of work on the upper portion of the SFT. We need a good turnout from the local volunteers to make this a productive endeavor.

Hope to see you soon! Message us for more information.

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