Spring trail work in the Chiricahuas

On May 6, 2022, the Chiricahua Wilderness Trail Crew completed a week of volunteer trail work in the Chiricahua mountains.

John Sumner (in the blue hardhat in the above picture) led the group. Several participants traveled from outside Arizona to improve conditions on several trails that have seen damage in recent years. These included Rattlesnake, Bootlegger, Rock Creek, Centella, Fly Peak, and Crest trails. Because much of this area is in a National Forest Wilderness, motorized tools are prohibited. So, the crew cut and removed more than 200 logs from trail corridors — using antique saws that John expertly maintains.

The Chiricahua Regional Council helped support and sponsor this event. Looking forward to this fall, this outstanding group of volunteers will return to contribute toward completion of the South Fork Trail. As always, we welcome new participants to help out. Join us!

Photos by Eskild Petersen, who was a part of this team

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