CRC and friends to complete South Fork Trail work

The Chiricahua Regional Council, in collaboration with Wild Arizona, has helped secure grant funding to complete the South Fork Trail project and restore a major section of the Crest Trail.

We launched the first phase of work on this classic Chiricahua canyon trail in 2021. It was a highly successful project. CRC provided funding, coordinated with nonprofits, and organized volunteer crews. A substantial portion of South Fork was brought back to full restoration. Now we’ll be able to finish the job by improving the final section to its terminus with the Crest.

Our Stewardship Program will contribute $23,000 to the new effort. Additional money will come from the Coronado National Forest and FOCCC.

Much of the trail system in the Chiricahua mountains has suffered from fire and erosion over the decades. The Forest Service has been unable to keep up with the damage. CRC has been instrumental in creating a new approach to the problem by working with the Coronado National Forest and other nonprofits. While there is much more to achieve, we are reversing the trend.

The new funding includes restoring much of the Crest Trail (270c), from Sentinel Peak to its junction with the Snowshed Trail. Both of these trails receive heavy use.

As land stewards of our extraordinary regional public lands, we are meeting the challenges. By partnering with like minded individuals and groups, we will make a difference together.

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