Comments on the South Fork Day Use Area Final EA DUE Friday, July 30

As required, the Forest Service listed the opportunity to comment on the Final Environmental Assessment of the South Fork Day Use Area in the Sierra Vista Herald/Review. The comment period begins the day the listing was posted, June 16, and lasts 45 days. The deadline is Friday, July 30. You can read how to comment here. Please note that only those people who commented on the earlier draft are allowed to object to this version.

There are significant changes to the project: a smaller footprint, fewer parking spaces, fewer picnic tables, an annual March 1-June 30 road closure, and there’s no longer a mobility-impaired trail. The revised plan is here and will open in a new tab on your browser.

The proposed location of the day use area is on page 5.

CRC will have a comment later in July.

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