Forest Service thinning information meeting

The Douglas Ranger District will be doing vegetation thinning work in Cave Creek Canyon this winter as part of the Chiricahua Firescape plan. Their goal is to reduce the chances of an uncontrollable and potentially deadly fire in the canyon by removing ladder fuels and returning it to the vegetation density present before historical fire suppression policies.

Because many of us have specific questions and concerns about how the thinning will be carried out, CRC is facilitating a meeting with our District Ranger Doug Ruppel and the FS silviculturist advising the project. The basic requirements of the plan are already finalized, but within that framework Doug is eager to work with the community to make sure the project addresses our fire safety, conservation, and ecological concerns.

Everyone is invited to join us outside at the VIC on Thursday the 9th at 10am. Bring a chair and your questions!

To learn more about how our Ranger district is addressing fire risk and fire ecology in the Chiricahuas, here is a link to the Chiricahua Firescape Management Plan.

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