A tribute to Wynne Brown

The Chiricahua Regional Council has been extremely fortunate to have had Wynne Brown at the helm the past 12 years. Wynne’s leadership has been crucial to maintaining the council’s mission as a vital conservation group in the region. She is stepping aside as CRC’s president, effective immediately, to devote more time to new projects. She will remain as an active member of our Board of Directors.

Wynne is an award-winning author, a writer of history, graphic designer, illustrator, environmentalist, the list could go on. She’s also just an all-around great person.

Her unique skill set contributed to her success at CRC. She oversaw the compilation of the organization’s 30 years of environmental work. Among other accomplishments, she collaborated in the rewriting of the Council’s bylaws. Applying her creative skills, Wynne’s input helped in the construction of CRC’s current website.

Her even temperament and ability to interact with people are also among her strengths. More than once Wynne reached across opposing lines to create consensus around difficult issues. During the contentious opposition to the South Fork Day Use Area project in 2021-22, she was instrumental in bringing the parties to the table.

Wynne, we all appreciate what you’ve done for the Chiricahua Regional Council and its continuing mission to protect intact wildlife habitats throughout the region. We wish you the best of luck in the years ahead!

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