South Fork FEA objections

With the deadline for objections to the South Fork Day Use project Final Environmental Assessment (FEA) due very soon on Monday, August 2, we would like to share some objections that are being filed by various parties. We think sharing these is valuable since the USFS has said they will not post this round of objections publicly. We believe that the best decision will come from community collaboration and open sharing of information.

All of the objections shared here are published with the express permission of the authors. We appreciate these people’s willingness to share. These objections reflect their views and opinions and not necessarily those of CRC.

If you would like to share your own thoughts, feel free to email us or post them here. (Additional objections will be added to this list as we receive them.)

Again, time is of the essence in filing objections for those who have standing. The final deadline is Monday, August 2.

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  1. I have read through the documents and comments addressing the South Fork FEA and find that the comment portions “hit the nail on the head” as far as “why should we be constructing, re-constructing or developing more…”. In addition, the totality of Cave Creek needs to be addressed as part of a changing – dynamic experience within the Canyons of the Chiricahua Mtns. We are seeing more and more flooding, fire, visitors, campers, activities within and changes in the biodiversity. The changes have been gradual at times, while other times rapid. All of this needs to be addressed in the FEA as situations on the ground and into the future will never be the same.
    [My wife and I have been traveling to the canyon for nearly 5 decades, her family (Turner) recreated and enjoyed the mountains back in the 1940’s into the 2000’s. ]

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