Spring trail maintenance

The CRC Stewardship Program joined forces with the Chiricahua Wilderness Trail Crew, the Portal-Rodeo Hiking Group, Wild Arizona, and the Coronado National Forest to do maintenance on several popular trails. Beginning with the Greenhouse Trail, logs were removed to a point well above the Winn Falls overlook. Then shifting to areas near Rustler Park, once the downed trees were out of the way, much needed tread work became the goal. Because of the wet winter we had, snow could still be found in several locations. This was extraordinary for many of us.

District Ranger Doug Ruppel brought in his team of mules and delivered cut signposts that his fire crew produced from juniper logs obtained from work in Rucker Canyon. The next task for stewardship is the planting of these posts across the Crest followed by the production of new signs. This will be happening throughout this Spring.

In all 17 miles were cleared.

CRC would like to thank John Sumner and Nizhoni Baldwin for their contribution.

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